all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us…

Cricket & Abacus is Boho Chic Eclectia created with a passion for making the planet a kinder place. We are proud to offer adornments that promote well-being for the wearer and for the world. Wear our pieces; save lives. A portion of our profits support the efforts of an NYC Non-Profit animal welfare org, the SI Feral Initiative, providing Spay/Neuter education & low-cost resources to the community. (To learn more, visit our non-profit site at

autumn6The main catalyst for C&A was what I think of as the “Goldilocks” phenomenon.  I would go gift-hunting for my mom, my sister-in-laws, my friends, and I would find the “almost-perfect” gift…so eventually I decided that I had to do something about it.  I turned to my crafting roots, and voila – Cricket & Abacus was conceived.  Now I not only get to “imaginate” personalized treasures for my own friends and family, but I get to help others bring their accessory and gift concepts to fruition.  And that just makes me happy!

Ok – so what’s with the name?  “Cricket & Abacus” was the result of a brainstorm session with my husband – I wanted as name that was fun to say, but would also reflect my ever-deepening sense that we only have so much time in this world, and we should do our best every day to make it count.  ”Cricket” has always been an allusion to conscience for me – think “Jiminy Cricket” from Walt Disney’s famed “Pinocchio.”  The abacus is a calculating tool that was in use centuries before the adoption of the written modern numeral system, and has also been used to teach counting and time-keeping to children.   For me, it is both a symbol of the passage of time, and is oddly analogous to the stringing of beads I do so much of.  Working to better the world, and my corner of it, has always been a passion for me, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a partner who shares that commitment.

Our Non-Profit work is something my husband and I believe in deeply, and it is incredibly rewarding; but it can also be extremely difficult, and is often emotionally draining.  I have always been a “maker” of one sort or another – poetry, music, dance – and so my love for adornment-crafting has given me both an outlet for my persistent creativity, and a way to bring happiness to others.  I’m also a notorious “thinker,” so no one that knows me is ever surprised that there’s a thesis behind the cute name.

4I used to make jewelry for my mom when I was a kid…and I still give her credit for wearing every single “5-beads-on-a-string” that i gave her…and with pride, too.  C&A is, in small part, a tribute to her – – – no matter what other mother-daughter “stuff” we went through, she always encouraged me to follow my passions, stand up for what I believe in, never fear the new or unknown, and to look first to myself for strength before leaning on others.  I view each new experience like one more bead on the string of life, forming a beautiful piece of art one should be able to wear with pride.  I firmly believe that one’s choices should be made purposefully, and with conscious regard for one’s effect on those around them.

My philosophy?  I believe jewelry should be “pretty,” sure – but I also think I believe jewelry should be “pretty,” sure – but I also think it should do just as much for the wearer as for the observer.  Very simply, it should make you feel more like yourself…whether it reflects your mood, or lifts it…some little glimmer of you that adorns your wrist or your neck – like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but not as messy.   I enjoy helping people feel good about the way they express themselves, and will always do my utmost to be a force for the positive in this life.  The pieces I “imaginate” and create evoke an eclectic array of styles – mostly because eclectic IS my style.  In truth, I don’t believe any one person is only one thing, and I love giving people the opportunity to express those different facets of their own personalities with the adornments they choose – hence our mantra, “find something yours.”.  I particularly enjoy doing custom work for this very reason, and firmly believe in custom for every budget.  In my designs, I particularly like the juxtaposing of hard and soft, and most enjoy working with materials like natural gemstone, Czech glass, metal, leather, and silk – I like materials with weight and substance that feel good to hold and to wear against the skin.

hombre_birdI have, for as long as I can remember, had the “make it” bug.  Give me a pile of  ”stuff” and some time to myself, and I’m a happy clam.  My other great passion has always been animals of all species, and I am even happier to be able to exercise my creativity to help improve the lives of those who can’t help themselves. I and my husband run a non-profit animal welfare org on Staten Island – we spend much of our “spare” time saving lives and advocating for better ones for the animals in our community – learn more about us and what we do for the furries at


Elena-Lisa Bass | Maker and Designer, Cricket & Abacus


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